Handmade black white polymer clay earrings with touches of red and orange. This collection is inspired by the recent Australian bushfires, best explained through the writing of Peter Skyzynecki:


The fires burned for weeks on end.
In paddocks where they were put out
logs smouldered for days afterwards.
Farmers talked about how long
before there was rain—this wasn’t the west,
but north, east of the ranges,
away from flocks of nuisance galahs.

Water tanks were down, banana plantations
dying under a haze of smoke—
sunlight piercing weatherboards and tin roofs;
water being pumped from the creek
and river. Cattle, hand-fed in silence.


© 1972
From: Headwaters
Publisher: Lyrebird Writers, Sydney, 1972



Embers - Smouldering Shape Earring

  • Look after me:

    I'm made with care, so keep me safe. If I need a little clean use a baby wipe to brighten me back up again.


    Silver-plated hypoallergenic fixtures and gold-plated jump rings.


    Length: Length: 6.5 Centimetres; Drop length: 5.5 Centimetres; Width: 3.5 Centimetres